Playboy, the world's leading men's magazine, has been influencing men for almost 60 years. In 1972, Playboy launched its first international edition in Germany. Now numbering 30, Playboy's international editions provide inspiration for men in Europe, Latin and South America, Asia and the Pacific Region. Over 2.4 million copies of Playboy are sold each month around the world.

Playboy's international magazines infuse the culture of each country into the individual editions. Playboy's signature editorial elements — distinguished authors, highly sought-after celebrities and timely articles — round out each issue.

Editorial excellence, global brand influence. Nothing reaches men like Playboy.

Playboy EDITION Launched Website Facebook
Playboy UNITED STATES Dec 53 /Playboy
Playboy GERMANY Aug 72 /PlayboyGermany
Playboy FRANCE Nov 73  
Playboy BRAZIL Aug 75 /PlayboyBrasil
Playboy SPAIN Nov 78  
Playboy NETHERLANDS May 83 /PlayboyNL
Playboy GREECE Apr 85  
Playboy CZECH REPUBLIC May 91 /
Playboy POLAND Dec 92    
Playboy RUSSIA Jul 95 /PlayboyRussia
Playboy CROATIA Feb 97 /pb.hrvatska
Playboy HUNGARY Nov 99  
Playboy ROMANIA Nov 99 /PlayboyRomania
Playboy SLOVENIA Jun 01 /pages/Playboy-Slovenija/134986053193150
Playboy BULGARIA Apr 02 /PBBulgaria
Playboy MEXICO Nov 02 /PBMexico
Playboy SERBIA Jan 04 /PBSerbia
Playboy SLOVAKIA Oct 05 /pages/Playboy-Edition-Slovakia/189342437796569
Playboy UKRAINE Oct 05 /pb.ukraine
Playboy ARGENTINA Dec 05   /RevistaPBarg
Playboy VENEZUELA Oct 06
Playboy PHILIPPINES Apr 08 /PBPhilippines
Playboy ITALY Dec 08 /pages/Playboy-Italia/194304377266682
Playboy LATVIA Oct 10   /PlayboyLatvia
Playboy SOUTH AFRICA Apr 11 /PlayboySouthAfrica
Playboy AUSTRIA Apr 12 /pages/Playboy-%C3%96sterreich/241468712614649
Playboy PORTUGAL May 12 /PlayboyPortugal
Playboy MONGOLIA Oct 12 /PBmgl
Playboy ISRAEL Mar 13 /PlayboyIsrael